Above Whispers Media


A Nigeria where women and girls are empowered and are able to amplify their voices, express their preferences, and aggregate their interest toward building a more equitable society



To promote the rights of women and girls by providing a safe space for them to share their stories, and become a constituency that is willing and able to influence public narratives and public policy using avenues and opportunities within the systems



  • To initiate programs that raises the voices of marginalized women through storytelling
  • To create platforms for inter-generational conversations and mentoring to sustain the gains and increase the momentum of women’s rights movement in Nigeria
  • To engage in behavioural change communication using new and conventional media to achieve cultural re-orientation that is value-based and promote unity in diversity
  • To facilitate cross-cutting partnerships that provide global support for local efforts to achieve gender equality and social justice
  • To support the activities of community organisations and build their capacity towards efficient service delivery
  • To raise a cadre of women who are willing and able to take leadership positions across the socio-political and economic sectors to drive the desired institutional reforms
  • To expand the civic space and support the process of synergizing women networks towards achieving a united front in the fight for social justice


PLATFORM: www.abovewhispers.com


Above Whispers is a platform for those who want to have a mature engagement online. It is primarily, (but not exclusively) aimed at women, and will provide an opportunity for people to engage in discussions about a range of issues such as politics, social justice, development, financial security, women’s rights, health, entrepreneurship, popular culture, faith, parenting, relationships, and other relevant areas.

Above Whispers is a unique platform to engage with other people in an atmosphere of mutual respect.